About Radiology Leadership Academy (RLA)

Launched in 2008, RLA deliberately mixes twelve emerging leaders from across the department—clinical and research faculty, residents, clinical and administrative staff, and administrators—for leadership skills development, knowledge building, and team work. The class meets monthly to study state-of-the-art leadership tools and theories and learn about issues and advancements challenging the department. Class members also devote countless extra hours working in teams on a real-world Business of Radiology project.

About RISE (Radiology Inside Scoop Event)

Meet the Team


Laura Benson
Manager, Clinical Operations


Michael Panas
General Diagnostic Radiology, EUHM


Nadja Kadom, MD
Associate Professor
Director of Pediatric Neuroradiology


Puneet Sharma, PhD
Assistant Professor
MRI Physicist

Our Project Objective

The purpose of our project is to create an event that features radiologists as role models, especially women and radiologists with diverse ethnic, religious, or gender role backgrounds. We are targeting all medical students, especially those of the radiology interest group and any other medical student who is interested in learning more about radiology as a specialty. The event will be documented with photographs and the audio will be recorded and can be used as a podcast on the radiology residency program website, where potential applicants can listen to the recordings.

The Event: Eye of the Tigress

At Emory, many efforts are under way to bring more diversity to the University and Emory Health Systems. Under leadership of Dr. Meltzer, the radiology department has formed a diversity committee with several task forces to identify ways in which diversity in radiology could be improved.

The RLA team (RISE) held the “Eye of the Tigress” event on April 4th, 2017. The audience was able to gain an intimate view into the lives and minds of two exceptional Emory female radiologists, Dr. Mary Newell, Director of Breast MRI at Emory, and Dr. Sarah Milla, Associate Professor of Pediatric Imaging. The 1-hour event was hosted by Emergency Radiologist and Associate Professor, Dr. Omari Johnson, and was followed by an opportunity for students to mingle and connect with radiology mentors over food and drinks.


Mike Panas open the event to a very enthusiastic and intrigued audience.


Dr. Newell gave an optimistic outlook on the role of radiologists in an era of automatization and commodization of radiology tasks.


Dr. Milla described how her passions for arts and science led her ito become a radiologist.

The “Eye of the Tigress” event was specifically designed to feature women in radiology. The event format can be adapted to feature other radiology disciplines or other diverse features of radiologists.

Women in Radiology: I am a Radiologist