Emory radiology began to flourish and grow with the establishment of the Department of Radiology in the 1940s. Its roots extend back for several decades, as x-radiation was being used by medical professionals in the Atlanta community for basic imaging and therapeutic procedures following the 1895 discovery of x-radiation by the German physicist Wilhelm Roentgen. Originally both diagnostic radiology and radiation therapy were within the Department of Radiology. In 1991, Radiation Oncology became a separate department, and in 2011 the Department of Radiology became the Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences. These changes reflect the growth and development of the many branches of clinical specialization and the extensive scientific and technological advances. The stimulus and energy for this growth are the synergistic efforts of many physicians, physicists, and other scientists within the Department, each making their individual contributions and becoming part of our heritage. The Department's most significant contributions to the radiology profession are its education and training programs, residency, fellowship, and allied health professions. These graduates take away the Emory experience and apply it within many clinical facilities and institutions throughout the country.  


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Chronological History

Time is the major dimension of development and growth and will be used here to look back and follow the many events, activities, and developments that are the Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences.

Emeritus Faculty

The Department includes the collective contributions of many individuals who over the years have served as members of the faculty and staff.  A very special group of faculty with distinguished careers that concluded with retirement have been designated Professor Emeritus by the Board of Trustees. Our Emeritus Faculty.

Honorary Lecture Series

An annual series of lectures honoring some outstanding emeritus faculty brings major leaders to Emory to provide lectures, seminars, and consultations with the faculty, residents, and fellows.

  • The James (Luke) Clements, Jr. MD Lecture brings outstanding gastrointestinal radiologists to Emory and the Atlanta area to continue the Clements dedication to learning.
  • The Dale Cooper, MD Lecture is held in memory of Dr. Cooper, whose career was cut short in an accident, and addresses major topics in neuroradiology.
  • The Perry Sprawls, Ph.D. Lecture focuses on medical physics and the related sciences.
  • The Heinz Stephen Weens, MD Lecture honors the first chairman with a variety of topics of contemporary interest.

Radiology and Imaging Sciences Historian

Perry Sprawls, Ph.D. is the departmental historian. His functions are to lead and coordinate the collective effort to recover, preserve, and organize records of historical significance and to collaborate in the publication of historical materials. He brings significant experience to this with over 50 years on the faculty, serving with all Departmental chairs and most of the faculty in the early years. His personal interest in historic preservation and his archives enhance this effort.

Contact: sprawls@emory.edu