Press Ganey: Patient Experience

June 2, 2015

Press Ganey2

Every week the Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences receives roughly 300 comments from patients through Press Ganey surveys about their patient experience. The survey gives every patient the opportunity to be heard regarding their hospital experience. Our culture shapes each patient experience and those experiences ultimately become our reputation. With this in mind, we would like to take a moment to recognize faculty and staff who help create a culture of Service Excellence in our Department.

The following is a list of faculty and staff mentioned by name in our Press Ganey patient satisfaction surveys since September 1, 2014. By no small feat, these individuals (among many others) helped create a remarkable experience for our patients. We would like to take this time to thank them for all of their hard work and contributions to our push toward Service Excellence.

Adena Falkhagen
Allison Jordan
Ann West
Ban Dao
Bromley Mets
Cassie Little
Charles Kyei
Chin Lee
Collette Erickson
Cynthia Phillips
Danielle Lazarus
Debra Dean-Cash
Debra Hall
Debra Carter
Diane Geffe
Dorothy Pettay
Dr. Louis Martin
Dr.  Shaw
Dr. Mary Newel
Dr. Falgun Chokshi
Dr. Irwin Best
Dr. Michael Cohen
Dr. Tim Hanes
Edgar Lopez
Eric Husband
Erin Barnett
Henry Smith
Jayne Onyilo
Jennifer LaBarrie
Jim Fitz
Kelley Hughley
Kristie Hart
Larry  Turner
Latoya Crum
Laura Morrison
Lorena Caballero
Lori Parish
Marsha Tanner
Melissa Caupain
Michale Poor
Mudie Okuma
Nickello Campbell
Nicole Chin
Nicole Bogdan
Norma Jean Farry
Pam Goldblatt
Pamela Graves
Paulette Jackson
Rodney King
Rufus Poole
Sarah Gard
Selena Banks-Dickerson
Sheila Reynolds
Sonya Barnes
Susan Reich
Tim Collins
Valerie Frederick
Veena Rajeevan
Will Hudson
Yolanda Rogers Griffin