Letter from the Chair

Oct. 5, 2015

meltzerDear Colleagues,

There is certainly a buzz of activity in the air lately. The J-wing is rising up and taking shape in front of Clinic B on the Clifton Campus. Grady and EJCH are planning radiology expansion capabilities, and the Brain Health Initiative has opened at Executive Park (Bldg 12) to include embedded outpatient neuroradiology clinical services and additional neuroimaging research capacity.

The engine of Emory Radiology’s growth and continued excellence is founded in its stellar faculty and staff. Our September 2nd faculty/staff awards ceremony was a wonderful celebration of both individual and team accomplishments. And, of course, we continue to catch colleagues in the “Act of Service Excellence,” and to grow our employee talent through our many professional development offerings of which the Radiology Leadership Academy is the crown jewel. This year’s class is especially engaged and diverse, representing our dispersed network of leaders involved in clinical, research, and teaching activities.

This is a time to celebrate the many contributions of Emory Radiology to our field and our institution. So please make sure to join in on a very special 32nd annual Weens Lecture Event on November 5 (guest: Jonathan Woods, TIME inc.). This year we have extended our outreach across Emory to colleagues in other departments to join us to recognize the value of medical imaging and its impact on human health.

Best always,
Carolyn C. Meltzer, MD, FACR
Chair of Radiology and Imaging Sciences