Faculty and Staff Awards Celebrate Excellence Across Emory Radiology

Dec. 13, 2018


Dr. William Torres received the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Bobbie Burrow recieved the "Lifetime Achievement Award."
EUHM Ultrasound was one of two recepients for the "Outstanding Team" award.
EUH/TOWER Ultrasound was the second recepient of the "Outstanding Team" award.

Another excited crowd of faculty and staff swarmed the breakfast buffet and, after leaving only crumbs, packed into the auditorium for the annual Faculty and Staff Awards. The Oscar-themed décor lent an air of importance to the occasion, and seemed to amp up the energy from the standing-room only crowd.

After the Awards Committee co-chairs Courtney Moreno, MD, and Willie Arnold, MBA, welcomed everyone and Emory Radiology Chair Dr. Carolyn Meltzer delivered her opening remarks, Dr. Christopher Ho and Dr. Ryan Peterson were recognized for being voted Teachers of the Year in June by the graduating Class of 2018 diagnostic radiology residents. 

Dr. James Galt then acknowledged the 2018 recipient of the Tracy Lynn Faber Memorial Award, founded and funded by Emory to encourage advancement of women in medical imaging sciences. ​Now administered by the Computer and Instrumentation Council of the ​Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, the award was presented at the SNMMI annual meeting to Greta Mok, PhD, of the University of Macau, China.

Harold Glenn, Jr., then noted the Caught in the Act service awards given over the year to Tamara Dillard, Brittany Young, Claudia Frederique, Nikia Page, Tracey Bourne, Lorrain Petgrave, Pamela Stanley, Slavvy Petrov, Debra Weber, Bobbie Burrow, Elizabeth Ryan, and the entire IR Scheduling team in room AG30.

The full roster of faculty and staff awards then were presented by the co-chairs. The following are the nominees and winners (in bold). 

2018 Staff and Team Awardees

Outstanding Care Provider: 

Kim Wages

Adair Easterling

Erica Scott

Hilary Karp

Laura Morrison

Adena Falkenhagen

Jason Calhoun

April Mason-Grimes

Debra Painter

Outstanding Mentor: 

Gail Walls

Tracie Atlee

Tamica Whiten

Outstanding Leader: 

Michael Hill

Roslyn Baitey

Tracy Powell

Koy Wellons

Pamela Stanley

Ruby Alexander

Mike Armstrong

Christina Byelick

Outstanding Support of the Mission: 

Roschanda Fletcher

Camille Dingle

Tina Harmon

William Johnson

Leslie Sims

Face of Excellence: 

Ashley Walker

Lisa McClure

Maria Durden

Caroline Oseji

Akil Young

Ashley Walker

Gary Nestrick

Aurora Marinescu

Bertu Kadir

Stacey Walker

RaSheen Castro-Sarmiento

Rolanda Rogers-Griffin

Outstanding Team (Two-way tie): 

EUHM Ultrasound and EUH/ TOWER Ultrasound 

EUH Interventional Radiology

EUH Overnight and Weekend Technologists

EJCH Breast Imaging

EUHM Ultrasound

Research Administrative Support Team

EUH Pre-Procedure Care Area

EUH Advance Practice Providers

EUH IR Scheduling

Lifetime Achievement Award: 

Bobbie Burrow

Linda Grant

2018 Faculty Awardees

Outstanding Radiology Service, Junior: 

Krystal Archer-Arroyo, MD

Outstanding Radiology Service, Senior: 

Raghuveer Halkar, MD

Kathleen Gundry, MD

Rebecca Seidel, MD

John Aarsvold, MD

William Torres, MD

Outstanding Mentor: 

Jonathon A. Nye, PhD

Stefan Tigges, MD

Outstanding Patient Care, Junior:  

Michael Hoch, MD

Outstanding Patient Care, Senior: 

Jean Kunjummen, DO

Daniel Lee, MD

Anna Holbrook, MD

Sarah Milla, MD

Monica Umpierrez, MD

Outstanding Research, Senior: 

John Oshinski, PhD

Matt Hawkins, MD

Nadja Kadom, MD

Rising Star: 

Tarek Hanna, MD

Adam Singer, MD

J. David Prologo, MD

Lifetime Achievement Award: William Torres, MD

Congratulations to all nominees and winners!