Application Procedure

To be considered for admission into the Medical Imaging program, the Application Form must be completed on-line and the following documents must be submitted, in one packet, to the program office by the June 1st application deadline.

1. $50.00 Application fee
2. Personal Statement
3. Official High School transcript or official GED scores (as applicable)
4. Official college transcript for each college attended*
5. Standardized Test Scores (SAT or ACT)
6. Three letters of recommendation (Reference Form)
7. Verification of Program Information Session Attendance (Information Session Verification Form)
8. Verification of Volunteer time Completion (Volunteer Verification Form)

*If core curriculum classes are in progress, please submit a current transcript at the time of application and a final transcript when all core classes are completed. If an institute will only send a transcript directly to the program office, please indicate that the transcript is being sent separately.

After receipt of the application packet, the applicant will be contacted to:

1. Inform the applicant if any additional documents are required.
2. Schedule the required personal interview (See Interview Dates).

Admissions decisions for the Medical Imaging Program, which begins only in the fall semester, are made after each interview session.  It is strongly recommended that your application and supporting documents be received in a timely manner, so that you can be considered early in the admissions process.  Notice of acceptance or rejection will be given as promptly as possible after the Admissions Committee has taken action on the application.

All applicants who meet the minimum admission criteria will be considered for admission into the program.  However, preference is given to applicants who exceed the minimum criteria and who have prior medical experience.  The actual determination of applicant admission to the Medical Imaging Program is a function of the Medical Imaging Program Admissions Committee.  Admissions are competitive and are based on scholastic history, personal interview, and references.  Applicants who only meet the minimum requirements are not guaranteed admission.  Selection of students will be made without discrimination to age, sex, race, creed, national origin, or handicap.