Emory University's Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences manages a staff of over 900 professionals, including approximately 150 physicians and 40 dedicated research scientists. Imaging equipment is located in the Emory University Hospital, Emory Clinics, Winship Cancer Institute, and affiliated hospital systems such as Grady Memorial and the VA Medical Center. 

The Department of Radiology is fortunate to have a great breadth of start-of-the-art imaging equipment including two dual-head CT units, an interventional MRI suite, three tomosynthesis mammography units, and a time-of-flight PET/CT. Access to dedicated research instruments will also be available including a high resolution research tomography PET scanner, 3T MRI, optical imaging platform, interventional x-ray suite and several animal imaging units. 

Equipment No. as of 2013
   < 64 slice 7
   >= 64 slice 2
   Dual source 2
Mammography 11
    Portable 21
   General 17
   R&F 8
   Portable c-arm 23
   Dedicated chest 6
   Angiography 8
Bone Densitometry 5


   3T 2
Ultrasound 32
Nuclear Medicine
   Single head 1
   Dual head 10
   PET/CT 6


   MR (3T) 2
   PET 1
   Gen. Radiography 1
   R&F 1
   Breast CT 1