Clinical Education Track

Exceptional clinical care, research, and education are at the core of residency training at Emory Radiology as we strive to cultivate future radiology leaders. In addition to abundant opportunities for research, our program also provides resources and support to those interested in medical education through the Emory Radiology Clinical Education Track (CET). The goal of the track is to produce dedicated and effective educators who will advance the future of radiology education and medical education as a whole.


The Emory Radiology Clinical Education Track is a longitudinally structured curriculum with graduated stages completed through the four years of radiology residency. The three main components include: A) Small Group Series; B) Practicum; and C) Capstone Project.

A. YEAR 1 (R1)

The first year of the program is dedicated to building on core concepts vital to becoming an effective educator.

The first year of the program will also serve as time to pick a suitable faculty mentor, set up and organize an appropriate Practicum for the following years, and begin conceptualizing a Capstone Project.

Small Group Series (SGS)

The Small Group Series is a combination of didactic lectures, small group discussions, and skills sessions designed to develop skills vital to becoming an effective educator.

The following topics will be addressed among others:

  •         Adult learning theory
  •         Mentorship
  •         Development of high quality lectures
  •         Facilitating small groups
  •         Formative assessment / Feedback
  •         Qualitative and quantitative education research
  •         Preparing and reviewing Manuscripts
  •         Quality improvement
  •         Leadership skills development
   B. YEAR 2 (R2)

During the second year of the program, trainees continue to attend the SGS to reinforce and build on core concepts learned in the first year.

Each year, one radiology resident is typically nominated to participate in the RSNA/ARRS Introduction to Academic Radiology course. Residents in the Clinical Educator Track will be given consideration for this nomination. Trainees are also encouraged to present to annual meetings of organized radiology and/or medical education.

Practicum: Putting Theory into Practice

Each trainee is also expected to perform a teaching-related Practicum activity beginning his/her second year.

Examples of activities include providing lectures to and facilitating small groups with medical students, radiology technologists, midlevel providers, radiology residents, and residents from other specialties.

Each trainee, under CET committee assistance and approval, will set up practicum activities. 

C. YEAR 3 (R3)

To preserve the integrity of clinical education education and emphasize clinical training, efforts involving the CET will be more limited during the third year of training. This concentration of clinical training will help the residents to focus on their clinical exposure and to prepare for their ABR core exam at the end of their third year of residency.

As time allows, participants are encouraged to attend and facilitate SGS meetings and continue giving lectures as part of the Practicum.

D. YEAR 4 (R4)

Trainees continue to attend and facilitate SGS meetings and continue Practicum activities. Completion of a Capstone project is also required at the end of this year. 

Capstone Project

At the end of the program, at least one deliverable (e.g. presentation, manuscript, lecture series, online modules, etc.) is expected from each trainee. The project should focus on the resident’s educational research interest or teaching activities that stemmed from his/her time in the Clinical Education Track.


It should be emphasized that trainees’ primary responsibility remains focused on their clinical training in diagnostic radiology. Each trainee is expected to demonstrate clinical competency each year with the diagnostic radiology curriculum adhering to the guidelines established by the ABR and the ACGME.

During research/academic electives, residents are expected to continue to fulfill their call responsibilities and to participate in required clinical conferences. 


Successful completion of the Radiology Clinical Education Track program will require attendance of the SGS, completion of the Practicum activity, and completion of a Capstone Project as detailed above. Trainees will also be required to present at least one resident-level lecture. All activities will undergo peer and CET Committee review.

Annual review of each trainee with the CET Committee will also be done to provide feedback and to ensure appropriate progression through the program.


At this point, the Clinical Education Track is open to first year radiology residents. Up to three residents are selected per year. You will receive more information about the application process early into your first year of radiology residency.