Grand Rounds and Visiting Professor Program

Grand Rounds and Visiting Professor Program-related education for our Diagnostic Radiology Residents

For the majority of the year, our department gets together once a week (either in person or via teleconferencing) for Grand Rounds.  Sometimes the speaker is from our own department, sometimes from outside of our department but local (including non-Radiologist clinicians) and sometimes we have a Visiting Professor.  This series is enriching for our trainees, covering clinical topics and research as well as administrative topics that should be of interest to a practicing Radiologist.  Our Visiting Professor program is typically composed of well-known names in Radiology, many of which are excellent teachers.  It is typical that our Visiting Professors do 2 teaching conferences with our Diagnostic Radiology Residents in addition to their Grand Rounds presentation to the department. 

If you would like to read more about this program, please see:  Tridandapani S, Mullins ME, Meltzer CC.  Grand Rounds and a Visiting Professor Program in a Department of Radiology:  How We Do It. 2012. Academic Radiology 19:  1415-1420.

Emory Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences Grand Rounds Schedule for Fall 2015