Malgorzata Lipowska, PhD

Assistant Professor

Radiology and Imaging Sciences

1364 Clifton Road NE

Atlanta, GA 30329

Phone: (404) 727-3510


Dr. Lipowska has been working in the field of nuclear medicine research since 1993. Her research interests involve the development of novel Tc-99m and F-18 radiotracers to image the kidney and monitor renal function. Dr. Lipowska’s focus has recently expanded to include other Tc-99m and multimodality probes (MR, optical) for imaging pancreatic, breast, ovarian and parathyroid cancers, for which she collaborates closely with other members of Emory University School of Medicine.


  • Ph.D. in Chemistry,  Jagiellonian Univesity, Krakow, Poland
  • M.S. in Chemistry,   Jagiellonian Univesity, Krakow, Poland


  • Post-doctoral Fellow, Department of Chemistry, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA

Dr. Lipowska’s research has been funded by multiple NIH grants.  Her research projects include development of Tc-99m and F-18 renal radiopharmaceuticals and their pre-clinical and clinical evaluation as well as development of new receptor-targeted optical and MR probes for cancer imaging, diagnosis and targeted therapy. She has extensive experience in design, synthesis, chemical analysis, pre-clinical/clinical testing of radiotracers and other dual-labeled probes, analysis of structure activity/distribution relationships and development of metal-based drugs.

Dr. Lipowska is the author/co-author of more than 90 peer-reviewed research articles and abstracts as well as five patents (as of November 2013); publications displayed on this PubMed website represent only a partial list of all of her published research contributions.