Dr. Peterson's Story

General Project

I traveled with Dr. Gill to Ethiopia with the goal of continuing the educational relationship with Black Lion Hospital and their Department of Radiology. We participated in daily readout sessions with the Radiology faculty, attended interdisciplinary conferences with clinicians, and also provided support to the clinical services in the Emergency Department (Adult and Pediatrics) and Internal Medicine Wards. We provided 3-5 lectures during our stay. I lectured on the pterygopalatine fossa and common tumor spread as well as 1-2 case-based conferences in neuroradiology and musculoskeletal radiology.

Special Project

Currently there are no neuroradiology fellowships in Ethiopia despite the diversity of intracranial pathology and excessive head trauma. Many radiology residents in Ethiopia are extremely talented and intelligent but lack the exposure to certain neurologic pathologies. Using the American Society of Neuroradiology Fellow syllabus, we have made a hierarchy of neuroradiology pathology. Dr. Hudgins and I have been collecting full DICOM cases and categorized them based on this hierarchy. The ultimate goal is to build a teaching file in which the residents in Ethiopia can review entire cases and report their findings. This is an ongoing project. We are developing a system to streamline sharing these cases and provide feedback to the residents.

Poster: A Different World of Diseases: Enhancing Neuroradiology Education In Ethiopia (PDF)

Date of our trip: March 10th – April 6th 2013