Transmolecular Imaging of Recurrent Prostate Carcinoma with Exploration of Genomic Markers differences between Local and Distant Recurrence

The specific hypothesis in this study is that a combination of molecular interrogation with the synthetic amino acid PET radiotracer anti-[18F] FACBC PET-CT combined with multiparametric MR including DWMR will provide a greater degree of imaging biomarker data than each technique individually in patients with recurrent prostate cancer. We believe that such transmolecular interrogation will enable us to more accurately diagnose recurrent prostate carcinoma within the prostate bed and in extra-prostatic locations. Therefore, this study aims to investigate the ability of Anti-[18F] FACBC PET-CT and multiparametric/DW MRI imaging individually then together to detect local and extra-prostatic recurrence of prostate cancer. This study also aims to determine mRNA differences between prostate carcinoma recurrent in the prostate bed and extra-prostatic locations and to correlate any difference with quantifiable imaging biomarker data such as SUV for anti-[18F] FACBC PET-CT and ADC for MR.

Funding Agency: National Institutes of Health
PI: David M Schuster, MD
Grant Type: 5P50 CA 128301-05, Emory Molecular and Translational Imaging Research Center
Funding Period: 09/24/08-08/31/13

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