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Our lab is generally interested in manipulating images to extract information of physiologic importance. Our core skills include: within and across subject image registration, creating quantitatively accurate images, extracting regional information from raw data (time activity curves, spatial measurements), applying kinetic models, and the interactive display of images. 

Our current areas of focus cover three broad areas: neuroscience, oncology, and cardiology. The above skills are being applied to: critically evaluate new radiotracers in collaboration with the Radiopharmaceutical Discovery Lab, provide physiologic parameters (measure neuro receptor and transporter density, estimate beta amyloid protein density in the brain, calculate amino acid uptake rate, measure neuro, cardiac, and renal blood flow), perform quality assessment of PET data, correct for patient motion in cardiac and neuro PET studies, calculate radiodosimetry for new compounds, critically evaluate the next generation of cameras, and provide real time guidance for collecting biopsy samples.


Current Research

Highlights and Accomplishments

Standardizing CT for PET and SPECT Research
Jon Nye, PhD

Dr. Jon Nye will present a webinar at the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Nuclear Imaging Annual Meeting in April. This webinar will discuss technical aspects of computed tomography when used in conjunction with single photon and positron emission tomography (SPECT and PET). The discussion will also include an overview of available CT instrumentation for SPECT and PET, application of CT for attenuation, methods to address spatial mismatch and artifacts and low-dose protocols.

2013 Distinguished Investigator Award
Baowei Fei, PhD

Dr. Baowei Fei was one of 43 researchers that were selected as recipients of the Academy of Radiology Research (ARR) 2013 Distinguished Investigator Award. The Distinguished Investigator Award recognizes individuals for their accomplishments in the field of imaging research and significant contributions to the record of scientific progress and innovation. The ARR held an induction ceremony for members of its Council of Distinguished Investigators on Monday, December 2 at RSNA 2013.

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