Targeted fusion biopsy using anti-[18F]FACBC PET/CT and real-time 3D ultrasound

SRG Action: Impact Score: 12     

Percentile: 1 #

Principal Investigator: Baowei Fei, PhD, Viraj Master, PhD

Funding Organization: NIH

The NIH uses percentile calculations to improve the ability to compare applications across different application cycles and across different study sections. Percentiling allows NIH institutes to compare applications even when different study sections have different scoring behaviors.. The NIH maintains data on impact scores for grant applications given by each permanent study section.  These data form the basis for calculating percentile rankings for certain meetings and application types. A percentile, defined in its broadest sense, is a relative ranking (along a 100.0 percentile band) of an application within a set of applications during the past year. Dr. Fei's application on PET/ultrasound fusion targeted biopsy received a percentile of 1, indicating that the grant application is exceptionally strong with essentially no weaknesses. It also indicates that Emory is a national leader in the field.