Assessment of atherosclerotic plaque vulnerability with spectral CT imaging

Acute cardiovascular syndrome and stroke rank first and third as diseases leading to human death in the US. Thus the diagnosis of vulnerable plaque via biomarker detection is of profound clinical relevance. Collaborating with the clinical scientists at the Emory Cardiovascular Imaging Center, our lab is investigating the methods of spectral CT imaging with state-of-the-art dual-source-dual-detector CT. Our current focus is the development of high spatial resolution regularization based iterative image reconstruction solutions dedicated for quantitative spectral CT imaging and analysis of atherosclerotic plaques. Presented in Figure 4 are preliminary results obtained with the dual energy spectral CT imaging method developed in our lab. With recourse to high spatial resolution regularization based iterative image reconstruction, the spectral CT imaging method may eventually have high potential for the quantitative assessment of atherosclerotic plaque vulnerability.

Funding Agency: Emory University School of Medicine

Grant Type: Institutional

Funding Period: 02/01/09-01/31/14

Figure 4

Figure 4