Translational Research in CT (TRICT)

With expertise in CT imaging methods, ranging from CT physics, system architecture, and image reconstruction, to image quality optimization and radiation dose reduction, our lab is committed to excellence in the research and development of novel CT imaging methods and their translation into preclinical and clinical applications.

With the goal of escalating CT’s contrast resolution over soft tissues for advanced clinical applications, such as assessment of atherosclerotic plaque vulnerability or detection of cancer at an early stage, our lab is carrying out two major research projects: (1) x-ray phase contrast CT and (2) spectral CT with iterative image reconstruction. The first is an exploration of a new imaging mechanism, data acquisition scheme and reconstruction algorithms, while the second aims to take advantage of the features available in state-of-the-art clinical CT. In addition, through collaborations with clinicians, our lab conducts research projects to benefit patients through radiation dose reduction.

Xiangyang Tang, PhD, DABR


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Highlights and Accomplishments

Associate Editor of Medical Physics
Xiangyang Tang, MD

Dr. Xiangyang Tang has been appointed as the Associate Editor of Medical Physics, one of the two world-wide flagship scientific journals in Medical Physics, for a three-year term (2014-2017). The Board of Associate Editors of Medical Physics is a panel of scientists and researchers covering the physics of medical imaging and radiation therapy. With his extensive expertise and experience in CT imaging, Tang will work with other Associate Editors to oversee manuscript reviewing and assure the quality of papers published in Medical Physics.

RSNA Scientific Program Committee
Xiangyang Tang, MD

Dr. Xiangyang Tang has been appointed by RSNA’s Board of Directors as a member of the Physics Subcommittee of RSNA’s Scientific Program Committee for a three-year term (2013-2016). The Physics Subcommittee is an assembly of scientists and researchers covering each modality of diagnostic imaging, and is responsible for scientific program/session organization, scientific paper abstract reviewing and selection, and CME program planning.

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