Annual Rad Report Quiz

Dec. 3, 2014

stackUse your 2014 Rad Report knowledge to win a prize by scoring 100% on our annual quiz.

The first six winning entries will win a choice of: a pair of Regal Movie Theater tickets or a free meal ticket for Cox Hall (top winners get first choice of prize).

The deadline to complete the quiz is Friday, December 12. Move fast; last year all six winners won within the first 24 hours. After the six winners are announced the quiz will close.

Please use all of 2014 Rad Reports (including December) to complete the quiz. The Rad Reports can be found at

Ready, Set, Go: QUIZ IS CLOSED

 The winners will be announced live below:

The winning has begun ( the following individuals have submitted a 100% quiz....started at 1:56 pm 12/3/14)

1. Alaina Shapiro- Movie Tickets- 12/3/14

2. Carol Dowdle- Movie Tickets-12/3/14

3. Deb Smith- Movie Tickets-12/3/14

4. Geo Eapen- Cox Hall Meal Ticket-12/3/14

5. Tina Dawson- Cox Hall Meal Ticket- 12/8/14

6. Dexter Bostic- Cox Hall Meal Ticket- 12/8/14