Press Ganey: Patient Experience

April 2, 2015

Press Ganey2

Every week the Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences receives roughly 300 comments from patients through Press Ganey surveys about their patient experience. The survey gives every patient the opportunity to be heard regarding their hospital experience. Our culture shapes each patient experience and those experiences ultimately become our reputation. With this in mind, we would like to take a moment to recognize faculty and staff who help create a culture of Service Excellence in our Department.

The following is a list of faculty and staff mentioned by name in our Press Ganey patient satisfaction surveys since September 1, 2014. By no small feat, these individuals (among many others) helped create a remarkable experience for our patients. We would like to take this time to thank them for all of their hard work and contributions to our push toward Service Excellence.

Adam Walston
Adena Falkenhagen
Alicia Sanders
Andrew Pak
Anne Naples
Annie Tayonekeo
Ashley Bridges
Audrey Henderson
August James
Ban Dao
Barbara Muller-Feldman
Barbara Walton
Bertukan Kedir
Betty McArty
Bobbie Burrow
Bobbie Hollis
Brendalyn Word
Brian Malcolm
Bromley Metz
Bruce Inglis
Callen Hall
Carol Parker
Cassie Little
Chandra Middlebrooks
Chin Lee
Claudia Casserly
Dalia Feldman
Dana Tomlinson
Deanna Green
Debbie Jones
Deborah Hall
Deborah Lee
Debra Cash
Debra Coleman
Deon Moore
Diane Geffe
Donald Langley
Donna Dalton
Dr. Angel
Dr. Bebe
Dr. Dion
Dr. Doye
Dr. Duszak
Dr. Friedberg
Dr. Gillian
Dr. Harkey
Dr. John Holbrook
Dr. Kies
Dr. Komara
Dr. Levey
Dr. Newell
Dr. Nour
Dr. Piraner
Dr. Prologo
Dr. Rhee
Dr. Tong
Dr. Vasquez
Dr. Yamada
Edgar Lopez
Elechia Rainey
Eric Husband
Erik Edmonson
Erin Farrell
Felicia Jamerson
Felix Harden
Fenton Ingram
Frizell Benton
George Langley
Glenroy Cummings
Gretchen Hill
Henry Smith
Hetal Petal
Jac Camp
Jacquline Brown
Jamie Dennis
Jamie mckinley
Janet Lewis
Jason Roberts
Jayne Onyilo
Jenia Beal
Jennifer LaBarrie
Jim Fitz
Joann Marshall
John Mathew
John Moore
John Stefanie
Joy Eberhart
Kelby Mayfield
Kelley Hughley
Kenney Doan
Kimberly Wages
Krystle Minor
Lacey Wood
Larry Turner
Latoya Gotel
Laura  Morrison
Laura Cheek
Laura Henderson
Lauren Alexander
Lauren Holcomb
Laurie Morrison
Linda Earl
Liz Favaro
Lori Parish
Marilyn Dickerson
Marsha Tanner
Mary Cunningham
Megan Rausch
Melanie Elliot
Melinda Joseph-Solomon
Mery Kaufman
Michelle Immell
Michelle Murdock
Mike Bowen
Nickello Campbell
Nicole Barrett
Nicole Foster
Nizar Jiwani
Pam  Graves
Pam Goldblatt
Patricia Baxter
Paulette Felton
QT White
Randy Bethea
Robert Gaston
Robert Richardson
Robin Sark
Robin Tarpley
Rochelle Cannon
Roy Campbell
Saba Meah
Sera Lawal
Sheila Reynolds
Shellie Fuller-Bailey
Sheree Rice
sherrianne Redman
Steven Scarpellino
Stuart Johnson
Susan Reich
Tamara Dillard
Tamekol Bailey
Tanisha Pritchett
Tanya Ferguson
Terry Munday
Tim Peterson
Timothy Clarke
Tracy Powell
Tricia Wertz
Veena Rajeevan
Vickie White
Vonetta Johnson
Walter Auker
William Landreth
Yolanda Rogers-Griffin
Zenic Patel