Grant Review Committee

April 2, 2015

The Radiology Department organized the Department Scientific Review Committee to help investigators strengthen their grants. Before submitting your next grant proposal, take advantage of the opportunity to have your submission reviewed by a panel of experienced grant writers.

Step 1

- Create a timeline that allows the team 7 business days to review the scientific portion of your grant (you will need time to make changes based on comments).

Step 2

- Submit, via e-mail, your grant to Dr. John Oshinski (, who will distribute the grant to appropriate reviewers.

Step 3

- Take the suggestions from the Grant Review Committee and make the appropriate changes. (Be sure to give yourself sufficient time to implement the changes!)

Step 4

- Submit your grant through the Research Administration Service (RAS) Center Increase the chances of being awarded funds by taking the time to have your submission reviewed by the Grant Review Committee.