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June 5, 2014

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Effectively Managing Finances in an Era of Various Changes

Many financial leaders and managers face the challenge of sustaining and even enhancing processes with fewer resources. The Radiology finance team addresses the challenges through close communication and by embracing opportunities to improve efficiency and effectiveness.  There is much to do in the finance area, particularly in light of health care market consolidation, economic challenges and downward financial pressures that continue to impact each of our mission pillars - Clinical, Education and Research. It is incumbent upon the financial team to seamlessly integrate calendar and fiscal years, provide timely financial reports and interpret financial data and findings.
The budget crisis presents financial leaders with arduous choices but also an unprecedented opportunity to fix ruptured processes, realign organizational structures, leverage technology, and to make other efficient financial process improvements.

There have been a number of financial and infrastructural support changes in the Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences as follows:

•    St. Joseph Hospital – integration with Emory Healthcare
•    Grady Hospital contract and calendar year changes
•    Pediatric – Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta administered under - Woodruff Health Sciences Center
•    Diagnostic Medical Physics Residency Program-provide structured reporting to meet grant requirements
•    Emory Clinic and School of Medicine – cash equity transfer requirements
•    Global Health Partnerships- financially support strategic initiatives
•    Enhanced budget reporting requirements
•    Etc.

The Radiology finance team continues to strive to institutionalize efficient practices in the delivery of business and financial support while creating a sustainable work area that assists management and adapts as needed to various budget periods, financial reporting requirements, bench mark reviews, payers and case mix changes, and other department responsibilities.

The Radiology finance team is committed to developing, optimizing, and deploying accounting tools that ensure budgetary and reporting requirements are met. We embrace the concepts of data quality and data integrity as well as appropriate procedures for recordkeeping. The finance team is engaged, empowered and ready to assist you with your accounting, financial, & decision support needs.