Musculoskeletal Imaging

The division of musculoskeletal imaging is comprised of five dedicated faculty members with varying experience, research interests and backgrounds. The faculty develops and implements research projects with radiology residents and fellows in addition to various collaborative efforts with orthopedic surgeons, non-operative sports medicine physicians, neurosurgeons, neurologists, endocrinologists and rheumatologists. This division is based out of the Executive Park Emory Orthopaedics and Spine Center and supports the musculoskeletal needs of the entire Emory Enterprise. The division will begin work at the new Hawks facility upon its opening.
Within the division, there are numerous opportunities for clinical research. Current research projects include MR and ultrasound neurography for peripheral nerve pathology, identification of imaging criteria predictive of the development of decubitus and diabetic foot ulcerations, the utility of MSK ultrasound in the evaluation of sporting related injuries, implementation of web based educational projects and the assessment of sarcopenia as a predictor of poor surgical outcomes.

The division is the principle Atlanta based radiology group that performs both diagnostic and therapeutic MSK ultrasound procedures. Typical diagnostic examination indications include the evaluation of the rotator cuff in a post-operative shoulder when artifact limits MRI, determination of the etiology of patient reported snapping sensations in the foot, ankle, hip and shoulder, identifying and staging inflammatory arthritis before the onset of radiographic apparent joint destruction and targeted assessments of clinically suspected isolated tendon or ligamentous injury. Although these are common indications, the division can tailor ultrasound examinations to meet your needs. From a procedural standpoint, we offer various ultrasound guided interventions including injections and aspirations of both small and large joints, tenotomy, peripheral nerve blocks, biopsy of soft tissue masses, Bakers cyst aspirations, ganglion cyst aspirations, tendon sheath injections and ultrasound guided arthrography.

In addition to ultrasound guided interventions, CT guided procedures are performed at Grady Memorial Hospital and Emory University Hospital Midtown. These procedures include intervertebral disc aspirations for suspected discitis/osteomyelitis and bone biopsies. We make use of both manual and automatic/battery operated bone drills for our bone biopsies.

Outpatient MR arthrography is typically performed at the Executive Park location by either ultrasound or fluoroscopic guidance.
Residents, fellows and medical students rotating through the division may attend and participate in various educational conferences. Currently, we participate in a weekly case based MSK radiology conference, a monthly foot and ankle multidisciplinary conference, a monthly radiologic/arthroscopic sport medicine correlation conference and a weekly multidisciplinary sarcoma conference. Monthly spine conferences are held at the Executive Park campus.




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1.  Quetiapine induced rhabdomyolysis

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