The Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences continues to cultivate a culture of giving by fostering donations from individuals who support the department’s mission of developing future leaders in radiology. The Adopt-a-Resident Program is a testament to this support. First-year residents are encouraged to submit detailed proposals of unique projects that will foster their career development within the field of radiology.

The Adopt-a-Resident Committee is pleased to announce that Dr. Dexter Mendoza, R1, was recently awarded a grant to pursue his project, "Radiology START: Stratified Training in Academic Research and Teaching"  for the Adopt-a-Resident program. The project is a 2- to 3-year longitudinal program with the goal of preparing radiology residents as they become educators of the future.

As part of the program, Dr. Mendoza will recruit experts in education, both in and out of the Emory University system, to provide seminars and facilitate group discussions in education-centered topics including learning theories, learning and teaching styles, providing feedback, developing curricula, mentorship, and research. After providing the participants a foundation, they will be given a chance to put theory into practice by working directly with medical students and more junior residents. Each participant will also be paired with a mentor to complete a capstone project, such as a lecture series, an online learning module, or an education-centered research project.

Dr. Mendoza has always been interested in medical education. As to what inspired him to develop the program, he says, “I've always enjoyed teaching, and I think a lot of our current radiology residents are passionate about teaching too. It would be very beneficial for us to be able to acquire these skills early on in our training and be able to hone them to become more effective educators in the future.” With Emory Radiology being one of the top radiology programs in the nation, the residency program graduates are not only looked upon as trusted radiologists, but also as innovative researchers and inspiring educators.

Dr. Mendoza hopes that his project will be just the beginning of a lifelong pursuit of academic radiology for many residents. He also sees the program growing in the future, and eventually expanding it to include residents from other specialties.

The Department looks forward to seeing the results of this project. The Adopt-a-Resident Committee encourages current first-year residents (as well as second-year residents who may have developed an idea since the last deadline) to consider submitting a proposal. The deadline is Feb. 15, 2016. Please email Dr. Anna Holbrook for additional information at

Please feel free to browse the Adopt-a-Resident brochure that features our past recipients: