Meet a Clinical Instructor:Donald Langley, RT(R)

June 2, 2015

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Donald Langley has been a Clinical Instructor for the Medical Imaging Program for six years and really enjoys instructing medical imaging students in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Donald graduated from Emory University School of Medicine’s Program in Radiologic Technology in 1996 with his Associate of Medical Science degree in Diagnostic Radiology and completed his certificate in MRI in 1997. He has worked as an MRI technologist for 18 years at Emory University Hospital and is a Level 4 MRI Technologist with “supervisor roles”. When the supervisor is either absent or away from the main radiology area he is responsible for stepping in. Donald is also responsible for training new hires and controlling patient flow.  He works mostly in troubleshooting and coordinating the exam schedule. Donald explained, “I coordinate to get the procedures done.” Outside of work, Donald enjoys spending time with his family and being a handyman.

Donald’s teaching technique varies based on the knowledge and willingness of the students to perform MRI scans. Donald explained, “I like to allow the students to do as much as possible; from setting up the exam, to performing the scan, then ending the procedure.”  To Donald, having MRI students is a great hiring asset. Donald elaborated, “Most of our employees are graduates of Emory’s MRI program; it is a nice vetting process for employees because we work with them for four or five weeks and see their capability.”  Donald also stressed the importance of passing knowledge to the students. He said, “In allowing the students to perform as much as possible, I can pass down my knowledge to them.”

Tracy Powell, a Nurse Practitioner at EUH, stated, “To me, Donald is an important part of this department. He truly is the glue of the (MRI) department. He is a very knowledgeable resource for everyone and every technologist; those coming in and those who are here. Donald is approachable and a team player. I have worked with Donald for four years and he is the “go-to” person. Donald is great with everyone; coworkers, patients, and others! He is a valuable employee to this department as a whole!”