Message from Vice Chair of Research

Aug. 4, 2014

Research: The Vision and Mission

VotawThe Research arm of our Department has developed a Vision and Mission statement to focus and guide our efforts and decisions:


We continually advance the state-of-the-art in imaging sciences to benefit mankind.


Research drives the continued growth and success of the field of radiology and imaging sciences. The Department research effort will achieve excellence in focused areas to promote health and relieve human suffering.

Our vision statement reminds us that we are the innovators. And, as we strive to add knowledge to our collective experience, we do so for the purpose of helping our current and future patients. Above all, we are in the healthcare field to help mankind.

Our mission statement acknowledges our vital role in the tripartite mission of the Department. It also signals acceptance of our responsibility to provide information necessary for the advancement of radiology. Of particular importance now is to provide evidence for the value of radiologic procedures. The last statement recognizes that we can have our greatest impact if we focus our resources to achieve excellence in a limited number of areas. 

Best Always,