Press Ganey: Patient Experience

Aug. 4, 2014

Press Ganey2

Every week the Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences receives roughly 300 comments from patients through Press Ganey surveys about their patient experience. The survey gives every patient the opportunity to be heard regarding their hospital experience. Our culture shapes each patient experience and those experiences ultimately become our reputation. With this in mind, we would like to take a moment to recognize faculty and staff who help create a culture of Service Excellence in our Department. The following is a list of staff member names mentioned by patients who completed the survey as of June of 2014. Please join us in thanking them for all that they do:

Adena Falkenhagen
Alane Sullivan
Angela Woodruff
Ann Gard
Annie Jayonekeo
Anthony Butts
Bobbie Hollis
Bromely Metz
Callen  Hall
Christine Lemon
Christiopher  Ho
Colleen Campbell
Crystal Booker
Cynthia Sutz
Debbie Jones
Debbie Jones
Deborah Hall
Debra Dean
Deon Moore
Donna Allender
Eric Edmonson
Eric Husband
Erin Barnette
Fongce -Yoo Chin
Frizell Benton
Gretchen Allison
Jamie Dennis
Joann Marshall
Kawai Laurencin
Kelby Mayfield
Kim Wages
Kyong Park
Lacey Wood
Larry Turner
Laura Cheek
Leonel Vasquez
Leslie House
Lorie Parish
Martha Bradley
Mary Newell
Mathew Jones
Mija Lin
Moses Bangura
Naquita Williams
Pamela Goldblatt
Paul Harkey
Robin Bailey
Robin Pierson
Rosetta Jones
Ruby Alexander
Rufus Poole
Stuart Johnson
Tonya Ferguson
Tracey Jackson
William Haralson
Yolanda Rogers-Griffin