Radiology Useful Tips and Updates

Aug. 4, 2014

Service Excellence Tip

SEI PINThe Service Excellence Committee presents the Service. Tip for August…

How to manage delays

Inform a patient at check in if you expect a delay. If a patient has been waiting for 15 minutes, again inform the patient and apologize for the delay. If you anticipate a longer delay, offer to reschedule the patient if they are unable to wait. This will let the patient know that you value their time.

Updates from Imaging Applications Support (IAS)

IS imagingPowerScribe360 Reports
On July 24th RadNet technical comment fields will began populating the reports in PowerScribe360. PET Oncology templates will be the first to go live. Below are the added fields that will populate the PET Oncology templates.

RadNet technical comments flowing to PowerScribe360 reports:

Dose = any numeric value
injection site = left or right
injection location = hand, wrist, antecubital fossa, other location
Oral contrast = with or without
IV contrast = with or without
BGL = any numeric value